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Who we are?

Siahfam Company is fast becoming one of the leaders in the global export opportunities of Bitumen products using its extensive export knowledge and skills, business strength, and technical know-how. We have built our customer base on solid grounds of customer care...


  • Leadership in research and development
  • Be responsive to market needs.
  • Provide cost effective solutions.
  • Access to International supply network.

To be the first choice supplier of Bitumen and related oil products for customers all over the world who need cost effectiveness, responsiveness, and innovative research and development.


What we offer?

Siahfam offers bitumen in different kinds and grades with prime quality as both producer and supplier like penetration grades, viscosity grades & medium grade curing (cut-backs) as bulk bitumen, drum bitumen in both size and poly bag.
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What we do?

Our integrated supply chain services are
  • On time and reliable Shipment
  • Quality-quantity Surveys/ Inspections’ with International standards
  • Flexible Financial Terms
  • Logistics
  • Custom Clearance
  • Documentation
  • Processing
  • Packing
  • Laboratory Tests
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The Process